Sunday, November 30, 2014

Welcome To My First Movie Review Blog

I've been wanting to make a blog like this for a long time. There are tons of movie review blogs and websites on the internet but most of them give way too much away. I wanted to create a blog that only describes a few choice scenes in each movie so that you can get an idea of whether or not you will like a film without having the whole movie spoiled for you.

I will be reviewing scenes from many types of movies but I tend to have a preference for science fiction and fantasy. I also like action movies and films based on true stories or actual events. Sometimes I will watch war movies and westerns when I am in the mood. I have even been known to watch very old movies from the 40s-50s on occasion so you never know what to expect from me. In the future I plan on running many movie related blogs but for now this free hosted blog will serve as a mixed bag of things I like.

Before doing my own review I like to check out some other reviews online as a way to do research. However you can rest assured that all my movie reviews are written in my own words and from my own perspective. I will be starting my first posts based on what I happen to be watching right now so don't think that the first films I post are among my favorites. Everything will be placed in categories so look to the sidebar if you want to go directly to your favorite genre of films.

Over the long run I hope to build up some traffic to this blog and have at least a small number of regular readers. Lets face it, doing a blog like this takes a lot of time and energy and most bloggers need to see a return in the form of visitors and add clicks that convert into sales. This is the only way to make a huge task like running a blog successful. Because I want to put a lot of effort into this movie review blog and have hundreds of posts I will need to have some adds. I will try to keep this to a minimum by having only two or three banner adds in the sidebar and only one horizontal banner add in every second or third post. Lets face it, most of you will have ad-blocker on so you won't see them anyway. I might also occasional add a link for donations through PayPal and bitcoin if add revenues dip too low. Buying something through an eBay or amazon link is a great way to show your support to me.

I hope that this project will grow over time as I love watching movies and critiquing my favorite scenes. If you like a particular review I do please comment on it but please don't spam with links to your sites as I will have to remove your comment for that. Anyway I hope you will add this blog to your favorites and at least visit it every few months to see what I'm up to.